VT-Type Control Head

VT-Type Control Head

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• requires additional interchangeable 420-1320mm sealing bars (sold separately)

• features pre-seal air evacuation and gas flushing for electronics and pharamceutical industries

• automatic/foot pedal/manual actuation

• bi-active upper and lower sealing

• sensor-activated ejector vacuum pump with vacuum filter

• water discharge system

• separate incremental adjustment of primary and secondary evacuation pressures gas flushing time and sealing/cooling times

• pneumatic sealing bar closure

• 5.7 colour LCD touch screen control with user-friendly multilingual menu

• compatible with any thermosealable laminated products including PET/paper/PE and PET/aluminium/PE

• power supply 230V 50Hz

• maximum delivered air pressure 8 bar

• refer to VT420-VT1320 sealing bars for total dimensions and weights




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