Optimax Semi Automatic Low Table Strapper


Optimax Semi Automatic Low Table Strapper

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• braking swivel castors

• 355mm table height

• based on the energy-efficient TMS300 platform

• simple to use and reliable

• externally mounted strapping coil

• strap width 9-16mm

• compatible with 200mm or 280mm internal diameter cores

• maximum strappable package weight 120kg

• strap tension range 15-45kg (depends on strap used)

• cycle time 2.5 seconds @ 50Hz

• power supply 230V 50Hz

• power consumption 0.25kW

• dimensions (W x D x H) 1476 x 582 x 355mm

• weight 100kg



Additional information

Weight 100 kg
Dimensions 65 × 95 × 91 cm


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