Optimax® 12mm 14.4V Li-ion Friction Weld Tool

Optimax® 12mm 14.4V Li-ion Friction Weld Tool

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• well-balanced and lightweight design • powered by 14.4V 3.0Ah lithium-ion battery • automatic and semi-automatic functions • compatible with polypropylene or polyester strap • tensions seals and cuts strap quickly and efficiently • includes battery and charger • short cycle time and rugged construction • simplest model to use • suitable for a wide range of consignment sizes • can be used horizontally or vertically • strap width 12mm • strap thickness polyester 0.4-1.05mm • strap thickness polypropylene 0.7-1.05mm • maximum strap tension 240kg • tool and battery weight 4.8kg • total weight 5.6kg • 230V battery charger

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Weight 5.58 kg
Dimensions 39.2 × 28.2 × 18.6 cm




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